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AI operation tools

The next generation of STR & Hotels
operation tools
AI review Responder

Hyper Personalized review repsonses

Currently supported on:

Sentiment Dashboard

Real-time sentiment of all current & future guests

Task Detection (coming soon)

Auto-detect & assign tasks from messages and reviews.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What other operational manual work do you automate?

We’re releasing a full suite of automations in this category. Reach out for a demo to learn more about what’s on the roadmap.

Does Besty respond to all my reviews on autopilot or can I control what it says?

Similar to our AI messaging features, you can run our review responder on autopilot or in draft mode. Besty will match the language of the guest, read through the reviews, then write a personalized response and publish it for you.

How does Besty know the sentiment of each guest?

Every time a new message comes in from a guest, besty will re-read the entire conversation to determine the current sentiment. It will give a score between upset, neutral and happy, and make it easy for you to instantly identify the upset guests, go to the conversation thread in your PMS, and address the issue.